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Sales language to avoid in your emails

What do these four phrases have in common?

  • I am just checking in

  • I am just following up

  • I am looking forward to talking to you

  • Please call me back at your earliest convenience

If you said they are the kind of spineless, subservient phrases salespeople use in their communications all the time, it would be harsh, but you would be right. Overly polite, pandering language seems to happen more often in email than it does in real life. As an Englishman, I always notice how polite people when they write an email, but politeness does not advance the sale,  it gives prospects too much power. Three years ago, we were hired by a national retail company who wanted help with their written communications. They were worried because prospects were not responding to their emails. We read their emails and quickly knew why prospects weren’t replying. The emails were full of phrases like “If it is not too much trouble,” “I would love to show you…..” or “I would love to get on your calendar…” Once they understood their mistake their emails became more direct.  Look at the list below and see if you are guilty of using any of these.

Thanks for your time

I am just following up

I am just giving you a call

I look forward to hearing from you

I am just checking in…

I would greatly appreciate it…

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you

If that is ok with you.

I would love to have the chance to work with you

I look forward to working with you (when you have no agreement in place to work together)

I would greatly appreciate a callback

I am looking forward to hearing back from you

Thank you for taking a few minutes to speak with me

Don't feel bad if you are using some of these words and phrases right now, just consider the impact they may have on prospects.

Language to use instead

I am writing because

After our initial conversation, you will know if you want to move to the next level

I am calling because

My intention is

I am not sure if this is for you or not

You can reach me at

If you are open to it

Does that sound appropriate?

The next step would be

Let me know if that works

If you have standard email templates in your CRM or are worried about the effectiveness of your sales emails, let's grab a virtual cup of coffee and get to work.

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