• Stuart Chant

Great salespeople don't make great trainers.

If you get your star salespeople to lead training sessions, you may be hindering improvement rather than helping it. There is no question that star salespeople know how to sell; what is not so clear is whether they know how to train. A superstars' usual M.O is to expound and hypothesize and tell stories about what makes them successful, but that does not change behavior.

Top sellers find it hard to describe what makes them successful, and worse, have no idea how to transfer the skills needed to improve team performance.

Using superstars seems like a good idea; there is no charge, the team respects them and will hang off their every word to learn what makes them successful.

Adults learn through self-discovery; they must grasp key concepts independently and have time to practice new skills.

Adults do not learn by listening; they learn when trainers ask questions, demonstrate skills, and work on real-life scenarios, and give them a chance to practice. Devoid of those options, training is just a social event.

If your team could use professional sales training, to help them show up better in-person or virtually, let's schedule a 15-minute call to learn more about your team. You can reach me at 818-422-3626

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