• Stuart Chant

Double What You Learn in Discovery

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Here is a simple tip that can dramatically improve your discovery with prospects

You can speak 150 words a minute.

But You can think 1200-1500 words a minute - which is really fast

You should probably wear a helmet for your own protection

So, When you ask a client a question that is going to take them a minute to answer

They will go into their brain bank and select a bunch of words

When they give you that 150 words, you know there are 1350 words they did not say

There is probably more they would say, but they feel social pressure to stop talking

So you want to encourage them to talk and have them say as much as possible.

And you want them to have a chance to edit their thoughts. It is a bit like writing; when you write, you don’t write it the first time; you think, you edit. You are going to give clients the chance to edit their thoughts, so when they stop talking, just ask “What else” and look genuinely curious

That simple phrase gives the other person the social permission to keep talking.

It gives them a chance to think out loud, and it will give you way more information than you would have had

I will challenge you to ask “what else” at least once in one of your discoveries and see how magical that phrase is.

Good luck

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