• Stuart Chant

Bland Sales Presentations - Add Story

Imagine watching one of your sales presentations, is it chock full of opinions, facts, and numbers? If it is, your customers will get confused and will definitely not take action. We are seeing that now with over 60% of sales presentations ending in no decision. That doesn't mean prospects are buying from the competition, that means they are sticking with the status quo. Pitches full of opinions, facts, and numbers you will make you sound like every other salesperson and to a prospect salespeople all look the same, it is like they see a herd of zebras. In sales, you want to look like a Peacock, you want to stand out. The way forward is through story. Try this simple test: Ask your top salespeople to pitch you. During their presentation, does a movie play in your head? Do you see a compelling story that makes you want to take action? Or are they just giving you opinions, facts, and numbers?

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