Transform Your Sales Team

Add Process to Your Sales & Coaching 

You want your sales and customer service teams to make customers happy, acquire more deals, and retain more business. The solution is to train them so they learn new skills change behaviors and become the team you have always dreamed of.


But training your teams is time-consuming and expensive, and you don't want to take them out of the field. The solution is to give your team access to weekly virtual training sessions where they can gradually learn new sales and customer service processes they can apply immediately, along with the support they need to change long-ingrained habits. 


If you feel that a no pressure 15-minute discovery chat would be useful use the link above to pick a time that works for you.

A business meeting
  • Plan better meetings​

  • Build more rapport

  • Get prospects to tell you more

  • Improve sales presentations

  • Learn how to address concerns

  • Learn new customer service techniques

What Success Looks Like

A manager of a life insurance telesales team wanted to increase sales.  Each salesperson on the team were averaging $75,000 per month. The manager knew they could do better, but he had tried everything to improve performance and nothing had helped.  The manager was referred to me by someone at MetLife and we scheduled an initial call.  I asked to listen to calls from each team member, I wanted to be sure I could help before I took the job.  I listened to over 60 calls and the good news was I knew I could increase sales.  

I created a new call flow that used the prospects first names, The team practiced asking open-ended questions to get prospects talking and follow up questions to keep them talking. We worked on listening skills, we practiced buffer statements so that prospects would open up and give honest answers. 

After three months the average person on the team was doing over $100,000.  

Do you want to see similar results, let's chat and see what we can do together.

"Building rapport through phone and email interactions is key to building a successful book of business, especially during a pandemic. Stuart's sales training taught me invaluable techniques that allow me to drive business in innovative and creative ways". 

- Enid Ornelas: First Tech Federal Credit Union


Giving a Presentation

People do not want to sit passively through training. They want to do real work that helps them succeed. People want interactive training that give your team a chance to practice new skills because we learn by failing. Lastly, you need long-term support and a scientific approach to behavior design.  



You want Sales Managers who can continuously improve the performance of their teams and spend more time coaching than administrating.
You want managers who can demonstrate the skills they are trying to teach, who can set vision, expectations, can inspire hold people accountable, and lead difficult discussions. Bottom line you want managers to be master coaches. 



You want world-class customer service  that differentiates you from the competition for its professionalism, and ability to build rapport. Your agents should know how to quickly learn what the customer needs and make the right decision for the company. Lastly, you want your team to know how to calm down angry customers.


Save money and uplevel your teams skills

If you want a sales trainer on the team but do not want to go through the search process and risk hiring the wrong person, you can have all the benefits of a full-time trainer, and none of the hassle.

We can provide:

  • Consultative sales training

  • Leadership training

  • Customer service training

  • We can teach your team how to calm down angry customers

We provide follow-up coaching and accountability to drive improved performance, all in order to improve the performance of your team.


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