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You can't afford to have bad sales conversations

80% of sales presentations end in no decision, not because prospects are buying from your competition, they are not. They are sticking with the status quo because all the pitches they hear sound the same, and they are confused, and when prospects are confused they don't take action. 

The good news is you have salespeople with great sales technique who are crushing it, and know how to close deals. All you have to do is get the rest of the team to do more of what they are doing, but there's a problem. getting people to change is hard and it takes more than sales training.

But, just imagine what 2023 would look like if you could get them to adopt more sales process. We are talking about behavior change, not sales training.

It is simple to get started and like everything, it begins with a conversation, let's talk about how you can improve your team this year.


Where Do You Want To Start?

Sales Management

Skilled sales managers can make a huge difference to your sales performance. Process driven managers who know how to coach can direct the work, teach new skills and increase morale and take a team to the next level.  


Sales Training

You want sales professionals on your team because they always hit their numbers and know how to keep customers happy. But, many companies have sales reps who love making excuses and placing blame. Adding sales process can turn sales reps into sales professionals.


Customer Service

Good customer service can elevate the entire customer experience and create raving fans, But one bad call, one bad interaction can lead to one customer telling 5,000 about their experience. Adding sales process guards against that happening.   


How the team will benefit 

  • A more engaged team clear on what it sells
  • Improved sales conversations with higher conversions
  • Increased morale as a result of improved coaching

Mastering Virtual Sales

You want your sales team to facilitate the best virtuaI calls possible but leading Zoom or Teams calls is more challenging than face to face meetings. Download this eBook for tips and tricks to make you an even better facilitator

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I'm Stuart Chant

Wouldn't it be great if your sales team could read a few sales and coaching books, watch some webinars, get some coaching and become top performers, but unfortunately that is not how change happens. 

Change is a process.

The good news is change is possible and I can help your team every step along the way.

I watch your best salespeople and managers in action. Identify what they are doing to be successful, and create a process based on what is already happening and add industry-wide best practices and teach it to the rest of the team. I am a change agent. I look for what is working at your company and help you do more of it.

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"Stuart's approach to the sales process is very different from all the others. I walked away with a whole new set of selling skills. I went from being a high-performer to a top performer with 211% growth" 

- Jennifer Bula -Access

"Stuart helped our insurance call center with call flows that connected with customers and increased sales. I have used his services three times. His training is hands-on, engaging, impactful and very funny." 

- Andrew Doer (MetLife, Legal & General)

"What sets Stuart apart from other trainers/consultants I have worked with is his ability to make the training stick. He follows up, he makes sure the behaviors learned in training remain long after the event"

- Josh Billing RVP DocuSign

The Sales School

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Mastering Virtual Sales

Learn how to lead interactive, engaging virtual meetings that win more business


Build Rapport

Learn how to build rapport with your prospects and increase sales


How to Address Concerns

Learn how to handle any concern in a non-confrontational way 


Coaching 101

Learn the secrets to cultivating happy, productive, and engaged teams


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