Helping your sales team create more customer engagement

Great sales teams aren't born, they're trained

You know you lose deals to the competition, but how many deals do you lose to indecision?

In a product polluted world where presentations all sound the same buyers get confused causing them to stick with the status quo. 

Improve your sales conversations.

  • Lead better human interactions

  • Improve your questions

  • Get prospects to open up and tell you more

  • Become a better listener

  • Make it more about prospects and less about you


Most sales training fails because they try and change too many things at one time. Our team works with you over the long haul fixing one thing at a time to help people do what they already want to do. If change is not simple it won't happen. 

We use explanation, demonstration, and repetition to teach new skills and combine that with cutting-edge Behavior change processes taught by B.J.Fogg at Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab. 

"Building rapport through phone and email interactions is key to building a successful book of business, especially during a pandemic. Stuart's sales training taught me invaluable techniques that allow me to drive business in innovative and creative ways". 

Enid Ornelas: First Tech Federal Credit Union


You want a consultative sales process to not only include industry-wide best practices but also  things your superstars already do. You want interactive training that give your team a chance to practice new skills because we learn by failing. Lastly, you need long term support and a scientific approach to behavior design.  


You want Sales Managers who can continuously improve the performance of their teams and spend more time coaching than administrating.
You want managers who can demonstrate the skills they are trying to teach, who can set vision, expectations, can inspire hold people accountable, and lead difficult discussions. Bottom line you want managers to be master coaches. 



You want world-class customer service  that differentiates you from the competition for its professionalism, and ability to build rapport. Your agents should know how to quickly learn what the customer needs and make the right decision for the company. Lastly, you want your team to know how to calm down angry customers.

Two videos to improve virtual meetings

Virtual meetings can feel awkward and unnatural. If you can facilitate great virtual calls that prospects want to be at you will close more deals.

"What do I do for fun? Add attending a 2-day training with Stuart Chant to the list. What I learned will impact my professional and personal life. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.."

Felicia Rella: Access Information

"Stuart isn't your typical sales coach, which is a breath of fresh air! He is incredibly funny and engaging, his workshop was not only informative but we actually had a really good time learning new skills." 

Brian Rediker - Sales Manager - Evisions


Download a Virtual Meeting ebook

Get the tips you need to lead great virtual meetings and close more sales



Save money and uplevel your teams skills

If you want a sales trainer on the team but do not want to go through the search process and risk hiring the wrong person, you can have all the benefits of a full-time trainer, and none of the hassle.

We can provide:

  • Consultative sales training

  • Leadership training

  • Customer service training

  • We can teach your team how to calm down angry customers

We provide follow-up coaching and accountability to drive improved performance, all in order to improve the performance of your team.


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Owner & Senior Consultant

I have always been interested in self-improvement, and read every sales book I could get my hands on. Steve Jobs said you can't connect the dots going forwards, but over the past 15 years it has made a lot of sense.  I am a former NYSE sales leader and comedian, so this is the best job in the world. I am happiest when working with leadership to improve the performance of everyone on the team. 


Consultant & Project Lead

Brian has consulted and coached executive leadership and client-facing organizations for over 20 years. Clients include: Google, Transamerica, Anthem, PIMCO, and Facebook. Brian works on leadership and productivity to excellence in customer service and sales.

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Senior Consultant

Nitya has built, delivered and coached sales and sales leadership development programs at companies including Google, PIMCO, MetLife, BlackRock, Nest, Causeway Capital, and DenMat.



Stuart: 818-422-3626

Stuart: 818-422-3626

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