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Hit your goals this year

Dec 22, 2022

If you are a salesperson who wants to achieve more next year, you should write some goals. Given that only three percent of people actually take the time to write out their goals it does seem like a solid idea.  

 But, writing your goals alone will not take you any closer to achieving them. Because goals don’t just happen. Let’s say your goal is to close more deals. Well you can’t “close more deals”, as you sit there right now. Close more deals is an aspiration.  You must focus on behaviors that will help you achieve that goal

What are some behaviors could you do that would help you close more deals?

    • "I will spend 30 minutes prospecting when I sit down with my first cup of coffee"
    • “I will set an agenda in my sales pitches and find out what the prospect is interested in talking about” 
    • “I will ask questions that begin with what, how, tell me, talk to me about in my sales pitches and learn more about prospects
    • “I will ask customers to tell me more about their concerns before I try to overcome them
  • These are all behaviors that can move you toward achieving a goal of closing more deals
  • You can set an agenda. You can ask what questions, You can prospect for 30 minutes after your first cup of coffee 
  • When you do this you are putting the power of goal setting to work for you by thinking about what you want and exactly how you can get it. It will bring your goal closer and more achievable
  • Good luck

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