sales training consultant and business coach


Linda Duncan
Director, Service Center & Travel Agency Operations at AAA Hoosier Motor Club

Stuart is the best facilitator and trainer that I have ever worked with. His expertise far exceeded our expectations, and the results for the personnel in our club have been exemplary! I would recommend utilizing Upgrade Performance to increase your customer relations!

Steve Burton
Spark Networks: Director of Customer Care North America

The training Stuart provided our call center agents, and supervisors was by far the best thing we have done to improve moral, skill, and performance. His training sessions were very popular because of his humor, knowledge, and ability to keep everyone engaged in the learning process. He is skilled at using questions to help people identify the best way to handle certain situations. It has been a pleasure working with him.

Maria Harrison
Senior Account Executive - Ricoh Americas Corp

Stuart is a highly-skilled and talented sales coach and mentor who trains people in all industries from around the world! He is a great listener with many resources and creative strategies. I hired Stuart recently to assist me in my personal sales career growth as a sales leader and feel even more confident in my path. He provided new and exciting ways to fine tune my sales techniques to reach the decision makers and personalize my big presentations. I highly recommend Stuart to anyone who is looking for an organizational shift in performance because he can help you get the job done! Just a few days with Stuart's coaching and you are steps ahead of the game!

Karen Albanese
Health Care Reform Guru at

No matter how experienced or savvy you are, you'd be hard pressed to leave any encounter with Stuart without a new nugget or tool to improve yourself instantly. He taught me his "conversation stack" in 10 minutes flat, and since then I have never found myself at the usual awkward pause after running out of things to say or - more typically - having stuck my foot in my mouth when getting to know someone.  Stuart has insatiable energy and curiosity, has read every book on the subject of sales and networking, and will devour anything you recommend to him. Don't think "slimy sales guy," though, because "sales" has taken on a whole new meaning in our knowledge age and Stuart focuses on making people's lives better - both on the seller's and customer's end - by improving communication, increasing self-awareness, and instilling humility in his disciples. 

On a personal level, Stuart is perhaps one of the funniest people you'd ever meet, is imminently respectful of virtually anyone he meets, and is a wonderful family man and neighbor. I would work with him anytime, anywhere, on anything.

Emalie O’ Neal
Corporate Training, Recruitment and QA Supervisor

I have attended a couple of workshops presented by Stuart. He has changed the culture of our call center and management staff within a few hours and a few great stories! As a trainer, I appreciate his understanding of adult learning techniques and have been able to implement some successful strategies to further engage my audience. I would recommend Stuart Chant to any business that would like to streamline their customer service or sales team.

Michael McConnell
Chairman at Spark Networks

Stuart was hired to evaluate and redesign our customer service experience, including ongoing training of our customer reps. Stuart succeeded through the application of industry leading experience and insights, implementation of a clear and focused framework, detailed training and follow through all with a very effective balance of professionalism and humor. A real gem and value add for any business that requires or benefits from sophisticated customer relationships.