In my coaching sessions we work on: 

  • Creating a connection with your team
  • Setting compelling expectations
  • ​How to focus on the positive
  • Five-step skills transfer process
  • Coaching forward
  • Setting an agenda
  • One on one meetings
  • SMART Goals
  • Call coaching
  • Coaching on the fly
  • The full complement
  • Delivering difficult messages
  • Leading effective meetings
  • ​Leading inspirational huddle

Groups working in pairs, practicing new skills

​The majority of coaching sessions involve managers telling people what they did wrong.   It is the way that most of us were coached, so it is only natural that we do the same when we become coaches.  Not surprisingly, people don't like hearing that they did a bad job, as it affects their self-esteem, instead they become defensive and resistant. 

You know salespeople are defensive when they tell their Managers all of the reasons why the interaction went sideways and mark my words; it will nearly always be the customer’s fault.  They will claim the prospect was in a rush, did not want to build rapport, did not have time to answer questions or just wanted to get the price, excuses are endless.

 When salespeople become defensive, they are no longer receptive to coaching which kills any opportunity to help them get better next time.

When faced with this kind of resistance Managers do one of two things: 

  •  They keep making people aware of their shortcomings, so skills transfer does not happen and morale is negatively impacted.

  •  They avoid coaching altogether and blame it on the volume of administrative duties.  


It is impossible to improve the performance of the team if coaching is not happening, I work with Managers to improve the next interaction, not the last.  Think about it, can we change the past?  Can we affect the outcome of the last interaction? NO!  So why mention it? When we focus on the next interaction, and not the last, everything gets better: Receptivity, Self-Esteem, Morale, skills and ultimately results. 

sales training consultant and business coach