Our five-step sales improvement process.

Sales training that puts the person into salesperson



Felisa Blevins

Candidate Support Supervisor

PSI, Kansas

Stuart Chant was amazing! He provided valuable tools combined with role-playing methods. He was very positive and helped us look at things in new ways. He was very energetic and kept us involved.  The experience was helpful and enjoyable.  


Our training sessions are 90% interactive.  They include more activity than most trainings.  Before taking part, ask your Doctor if this training is right for you

Training is not a one time event. Follow-up is crucial as it helps people build habits and change behaviors. 

The discovery phase is where we watch top performers in action to identify what they are doing to be successful. What do they say and how do they say it?





sales training consultant and business coach


Deliver a Consultative Experience - Every Time. 

  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Facilitation
  • Keynote Speeches

We then develop a customized training playbook. We work hard to create a program that fits you like a glove, your language, your culture making adoption of new skills easier. 

Out the outset of any new project we work with leadership to answer the following questions: 

Why are we doing this?

Why is it important?

How will we know if we are successful

What milestones do we need to hit?

What obstacles should we expect?

Dustin Brasel
Brand Development Manager

Stuart is hands down the best trainer I have ever had. His enthusiasm and sense of humor kept the training from feeling like drudgery. He also has a unique ability to see the strengths of each individual and tailoring their training to reinforce said strengths while identifying the areas that the individual needed to grow or improve.